Working Together

Your life is a process of discovery; figuring out where you are right now,  what your old and current belief systems are,  assessing,  analyzing and releasing that which does not fit anymore.  There are specific steps that can be utilized to distract the old mind,  heal it and implement new thoughts that lead you to your soul’s desires.  This process allows you to live the life you want each and every day.


Closure of an issue brings Clarity to the forefront of your mind,  which in turn brings you Confidence to move forward in your daily steps.

We all have that little,  or very large,  “want” list.  Yours is patiently waiting for you to clear out your old “stuff” so that you not only feel deserving of it,  but also have the tools to access it.

Sessions begin by me listening to your story…what is that?  Your story is how you live your daily life.  What you speak of will tell me what is going on inside of you.

  • Are you spending most of your waking time in the past?
  • Are you dreaming of the future more than you are staying present?
  • Do you have childhood issues that are still haunting you?
  • Do you feel lack of money,  health,  relationships,  or your spiritual life?
  • Do you even feel at all?

Whatever is showing up in your outer world is merely a reflection of what is going on inside your inner self. Often it shows itself through dis-ease in your body.  This can be expressed by fatigue,  irritability,  mood swings and many other symptoms.  Left ignored it can develop into more serious,  life-threatening illness.  Other times it shows itself by your immediate surroundings;  how in control you feel of your own life and the decisions you make.

The world you live in right now is full of changes;  you can see it everywhere you look.  Yet in this seemingly crumbling observation there are many people who are living the best life they have ever lived.  More than ever before,  people are making money,  finding the perfect career,  attracting the most satisfying relationships,  and enjoying wonderful physical health.

These messages are not broadcast on the nightly news are they?  These people,  of course,  are not depending on the nightly news to create their dream life;  they are using proven techniques and qualified coaches to get what they want.

You have the ability deep within you to clear what is not working for you and to create what you truly want. In the telling of your story,  I will decipher obstacles you are blinded to and give you step by step instructions to clear these obstacles,  improve your life,  and live your desires.  Know that the picture of this iceberg symbolizes your conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is above the water;  what you are aware of.  Your subconscious mind is below the water and that is what runs your life in an automated fashion.  Which part do you think overrides and takes over?  Yes indeed,  that’s right,  the subconscious!

Not to worry though,  there are many ways of changing the thoughts that are automated in your mind.  I will show you how you can shift the old into the new and desirable.  It really is not as hard as you might think.

E-mail me now at to set up an appointment and begin the deeper healing that will lead you to the Closure around certain issues that are holding you back, which will free up the Clarity in your mind, thus bringing you the Confidence to live the way you want each and every day!

Before you do though,  make sure you are ready to change.  I only work with people who know they are sick and tired of the way it is and are absolutely willing to do the work in order to change things in their life.

Talk soon!

Love &  Joy,