A New Day

Hello fellow sugar heads…

Had a talk with my doc today, went over a list of “ailments” and made a plan.

Here’s the plan:

  • blood work for thyroid and Lyme
  • 1,200 calorie diet
  • gluten free for at least 6 weeks
  • yoga
  • meditate
  • drink more water
  • wear compression stockings
  • wear sunglasses more often to keep cataracts from getting worse
  • No pies, cookies, cakes, chips, fried food, ice cream or corn syrup


So after that appointment I went to eat breakfast at home.  I was going to have an egg on toast, but just as I was opening the bread bag I remembered “Gluten Free”.  Oh yeah…  Ok, so I ate 2 scrambled eggs.  Two hours after I have belly cramps.  Guess eggs are off my list too.


Happy to have some direction and a plan.  Plans work well.

More later.  In the meantime have a fabulous day!


Love and Joy,


Sugar Addiction

Ok, so I finally said it.  Sugar addiction.  It’s not like I haven’t said it before…at least a thousand times…but I have not written about it and posted it where anyone can see it.  You see I am like everyone else…not a super human…just a woman with many talents and wonderful qualities who is addicted to sugar.

Why is it important for me to write now vs not previously?  I ate myself into oblivion last night, came home to go to bed and rolled around in bed miserably for a very long time before I could get comfortable enough to sleep.  In that time of being miserable I finally said to my fabulous husband, Byron, “I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.  I keep saying I am going to stop eating so much, but every single day I forget about that and I eat until I can barely move.”  He was his wonderful supportive self allowing me to be me, listening, validating how I felt, wishing that he could do something to help me.  And then as I was almost ready to drift off to sleep he said, “If you could give up sugar and eating too much I “know” your life would change drastically.”  Agree I did, but there was something in his words that resonated in that subconscious sleepiness that hit something in my intellect that it is still, almost 24 hours later, haunting me.

Haunting me in a good way…making me realize, to “know” within myself that I can actually be good to me.  That I can stop eating so much.  So I am taking action.

#1 I created an audio for myself that I listen to several times a day.  I allow myself to do other things while I listen so that my conscious mind is busy which in turn makes my subconscious mind absorb the information at a better rate.  The audio is packed full of my key words and triggers around food and also many uplifting, positive thoughts, feelings and desires that I have.

#2  I am going to write instead of eat.  You see it is 7:57 pm and I would typically be sitting in front of the tv eating something even though I am not hungry.

That’s it for now.

Listen to the audio


Remember what Byron’s message meant in the haziness of last night…”I Know your life would change  if you could get a handle on your addiction with food”  I KNOW.

Love you Rhonda!

Love & Joy,


Emerge Event in Portland Maine

Big News!!!

I am joining Julie Gammon and Shanti Curran in Portland for the Emerge Event. The link and description are below. Make sure to pre-register via PayPal to Julie.gammon@gmail.com with the note “Emerge 5/27” on it. $30 energy exchange. There are 8 spots left, so sign up early!


When: Tuesday, May 27 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Practice.482 Congress Street, Suite 202, Portland, Maine 04101

Set new moon intentions and receive a message from your divine guides in this powerful experience of purification, yoga, breathing, chanting, guided visualization all set to live shamanic singing and music!

Julie Gammon, RYT, Shanti Curran, songstress of the world renowned group Arborea, and Rhonda McCarthy Ouellette, shamanic practitioner, join together to offer this unique event of energy healing, gentle yoga, live music, guided visualization, and more.
Purify the body mind and soul through sage smudging, mantras, breath awareness, yoga postures, gentle Thai Bodywork assists, and then let your intentions soak in during a long guided relaxation, shamanic sound healing, and you will receive a message from your divine guides. You will emerge from the loving cocoon of this special experience having reintegrated the sheaths of your being, connected with your divine Self, and ready for your intentions to ripen and manifest on the next full moon.

Please bring a journal & pen, 7 intentions you wish to manifest, water, yoga mat (a limited number of mats are available for use).

*** The door locks at 7:00, NO LATE ARRIVALS! ***

It is important for us to encapsulate this sacred space and not have people trickling in late. Metered parking is free after 6pm, and the Monument Square Garage is a couple blocks away. Please allow yourself plenty of time for travel delays, parking, etc.
There will be no refund for late arrivals.

$30 energy exchange. Register EARLY to hold your spot, this event is likely to sell out!
TO PRE-REGISTER: send payment via PayPal to julie.gammon@gmail.com with the note “Emerge 5/27”
About us ♥

Julie Gammon loves holding sacred space for all those who wish to walk with her on this amazing path. She teaches Dharma & Hatha Yoga, Yoga Nidra guided meditation, gives Sacred Henna blessings (henna stain tattoos), and is a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner & instructor with over 300 hrs of advanced certification from the US and Thailand.

Shanti Curran is a vocalist and musician of international renown. Lead singer of the folk duo Arborea, she has worked for ten years performing in Europe and the US and is currently working on her sixth record. Her voice has been described as ethereal, emotive, delicate and powerfully spiritual.

Rhonda Ouellette excels at helping people feel better. She has been a steward of emotion and the workings of the psyche for 20+ years, honing in on what is important and teaching people how to be Happy. Rhonda is a registered counselor, Shamanic Practitioner, and a surrogate Mother who will gently hold your heart while you heal into who you truly came here to be.
Until next time…
Be More of “YOU” Each and Every Day!

Love & Joy,


Emotional Scale Newsletter

cropped-Rhonda-Oullette-header11.jpg  Look at that, I finally had a header created that encompasses the essence of my message!  Yay!!!


Happy Day to You Sweet Souls!


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Thank you for taking the time to read these emails. I want to do what I can to help you feel better and this is a way to get the word out in a big way.

Welcome to all of you who are just joining in on the fun! My hope for you is that you receive something that is uplifting and that you can use in a tactical way to enhance your daily life. At any time if you have questions contact me at rhonda@soulcoachrhonda.com and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. It might be a day or two, but I will get there.

Two newsletters ago I was giving you some practical ways to change the negative thoughts in your mind and I mentioned the “emotional scale”. I was asked what that means, so I am happily sharing my interpretation of it. It goes like this:

Depression ~ Grief ~ Sadness ~ Anger ~ Frustration ~ something magically shifts here if you can get yourself up above frustration ~ Hope ~ Joy ~ Connection ~ Love ~ Fulfillment ~ Contentment

These words are descriptions of feelings, thoughts, and things that happen in the development of your life. There are many other words that can be set in there that will describe your feelings even more deeply, but these are the basic ones. And as you know, you can be at contentment, love and connection one moment and drop right down into sadness and anger the next. We humans have this gamut of emotion that we play out every single moment of our life.

I had a client ask, “why is sadness below anger, it doesn’t make sense,” she said. My answer to that is for the people who do not know their anger. They cry a lot, they are depressed a lot, they have a lot of grief, but they do not express their anger. They would look right into your face and say they do not feel any anger. That is their truth, it is what they know and understand.

I know this one personally though and what happens is that sadness can, (not always), but can keep us stuck in victim-hood. Once the victim decides not to be a victim anymore, what typically happens? Yes! They get angry, they get stronger, they think more clearly and they turn their life into what they want, not what anyone else wants for them. I will give you some ways to work appropriately with your anger in the next newsletter.

So, your task is to use the emotional scale by thinking about where you are at, being ok with that and then, when the timing is right for you, start to move up the scale emotionally. You can think yourself up it, physically move your body posture in a different way to up it, talk yourself up it, chant your way up it, or do something for someone else and your emotions will move up the scale. Experiment with what works for you and when you need a loving person to hold space for you and gently nudge you up that scale then set up an appointment to talk. I can do that for you. rhonda@soulcoachrhonda.com
Until next time…
Be More of “YOU” Each and Every Day!

Love & Joy,

Spring is Finally Headed to the North East!


Spring is Finally Headed to the North East!

No, our deck is not clear of snow yet, but I am hopeful that within a few weeks it will be all melted off and I can get back to gardening.  The picture above is from two summers ago showing off some of our beautiful flowers.  I can’t wait to get back out in the garden and see what nature will gift to us this year.

How has your winter been?  I hope you were able to get out and do some fun things once in a while, even though it was FRIGID most of the time.

I have to say that it surely was a struggle to keep a positive anchor in my mind when it was such a cold winter.  The lack of sun and warmth set in some pretty depressing moments.  The thing that I have learned that lifts me out of that is to keep repeating something to myself that makes me “think” differently.

The mind is a tricky bugger, you have heard me say that before.  Training it, teaching it, showing it, step by little step how to think in a more upbeat way is what lifts that darkness.  If it does not work for you one day or one part of the day, try again later.  Eventually it will begin to respond.  You, like myself, will be able to take a negative thought, question it, send love to it, clear it, and then change that negative thought into a more positive one.

This time of year, when the sun is shining more, the snow is melting away, and the lethargy is lifting, is a great time to practice mind shifting.  This will prep you for a more productive, fabulous spring and summer than you have ever experienced.

Here is a step by step:

When you feel the following…

You don’t feel good physically or emotionally
Negatives bombard your head
Lethargy has moved in after eating sugars & carbs & chocolate
Anger is overtaking you
Sadness is deep and intense

1. Simply recognize that you are feeling whatever you are feeling and be ok with that.
2. Take a nice deep breath all the way into your abdomen.
3. Look at something pretty, like the picture of the sun shining on the flowers above.
4. Smile.  Even if you cannot get a full on smile, turn your lips up into a half smile.
5. Think in your mind about erasing the not-so-good feeling.
6. See the negative in your mind melting away, dissipating, disappearing.
7. Say out loud or to yourself something that is better, uplifting.


I am ok.
I am enough.
I can be happy and I will be happy.  I am happy.
I am good.
I am well.
I am doing better than yesterday.
I can lift my mood all by myself.
I am smiling.
I am happier than a few moments ago.

You will find the words that work for you.  The point is to get your brain thinking and saying something different than what it had been thinking and saying and playing out.  It will take practice, but you can turn your thoughts around almost instantly after you do this for a while.  Think about it like turning a switch.  The bad thought comes in, you catch it, wonder where it came from, go through the process above, and flick that switch so that it is thinking up the emotional scale instead of staying stuck in the same patterns over and over again.

8.  Keep doing the above process.  Over and over and over for the rest of your life.

Of course there will be times you forget and you, like I, will dip down into a darker space, and that is ok.  Just don’t stay there for long periods.  Get yourself thinking differently, better than it was, as quickly as you can.  Then you will be back on track to a more fulfilling day.  And isn’t that what spring and summer is all about?  Oh yes.  Newness, rejuvenation, awakening, becoming the master of your own mind.

Be more of “You” each and every day!

Love & Joy,

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