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Meet Rhonda  ~  Soul Coach

Hi,  I’m Rhonda.  I have been a registered counselor in the state of Maine for almost two decades.  I am a life long student who loves to learn,  will always be studying to become more of who I truly am and in turn take that information to teach you how to do the same.

Not long ago I was like most of you in one way or another.  Struggling with my health,  in a job that I knew was killing me and feeling like I couldn’t possibly find my way to true happiness.  Don’t get me wrong,  I had plenty to be happy about,  yet there was a nagging,  empty feeling within my core self that kept getting larger and larger.

Finally my physical body could not take the stress and it took me out of the game of life for a few months.  Nothing ever happens all of a sudden;  there are always underlying signs that something is going to lead to disaster,  but I was not paying attention and even when I did,  I still could not see a way out.  So for the sake of telling you my story,  I am using the “all of a sudden” phrase.

I woke up one morning at 3am,  jumped in the shower to get ready for work and noticed that my right big toe was a bit tingly.  I didn’t think too much about it;  however,  within 15 minutes it had swollen 3 times its normal size and I could not step on it without excruciating pain.  I continued to get ready for work,  hobbling around,  until I tried to squeeze my foot into my steel toed boots.  Well,  as you can imagine,  that was not going to happen,  so I called work,  told them I would not be in and waited until my doctor was in the office to make an appointment.

I am not going to go into all of the details;  however,  within one month,  the following physical symptoms reared their ugly heads.  My foot was diagnosed as pseudo gout,  then came vertigo,  fibromyalgia,  chronic fatigue,  anxiety attacks, depression,  and Lyme disease.  You would think that all of those diagnoses would have made me feel even worse,  but it did not.  I had spent years telling my doctor that I did not feel right,  was having difficulty keeping my energy up and that my muscles ached every day.  He told me to get to the gym and that would bring my energy up.  I tried,  it did not work.

So when all of this happened I switched doctors because I wanted someone who actually listened to me,  someone who would say,  “Here Rhonda,  let’s try this.”  I was beginning to realize that when I asked for what I wanted,  I could also receive that which I asked for.  I found and worked with alternative practitioners,  holistic doctors,  an acupuncturist,  and a chiropractor along with the new family practitioner I had found.

It was a gradual uphill climb back to health. At first I could only lay on the couch because the vertigo was so bad that even if I turned my head I would be nauseous.  That took about 3 months to settle in where I could move and not feel dizzy at varying degrees.  I hobbled around on my foot for over a year before the majority of the pain dissipated.  I went back to a counselor to learn the depths of why I attracted the anxiety attacks and dealt with my depression by clearing some of my old inner haunting grounds.  I cleansed,  I had healers work on me using Reiki,  Shamanism,  Emotional Cleansing,  EFT,  and IET.  I studied,  I painted,  I discovered why I had to walk through my own dark night of the soul and I came out the other side with knowledge I could have otherwise never found.  It took me about 3 years to find normalcy and be able to go through a day and still have energy enough to do something in the evening.

It was a HUGE learning curve and now I pay attention to what my needs are,  I give myself permission to rest,  to have fun,  to live fully with JOY in my heart and LOVE that I easily give to myself and others.

This year I decided to save some money on life insurance,  which meant I had to take a physical,  and give blood and urine samples.  They determine the cost of your premium based on how healthy you are.  I passed with flying colors and made the Preferred Best Premium,  which is the lowest fee because I am in such good health. If I can do it,  so can you.

Because of my experiences I am more versed at understanding your illnesses,  dark thoughts,  why you stay in relationships or jobs that are killing you,  and I can be that person who listens and guides you to and through your own HUGE turning point of healing.

Licensing, Certifications and Initiations

  • Registered Counselor – State of Maine # RC1239 – 1995 to present
  • Certified Emotional Release Therapist – 1995
  • Registered Karuna & Usui Reiki Master/Teacher #83979 – 2003
  • Registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals
  • Shamanic Practitioner Certification – 2004
  • Advanced Level IET Therapist (Integrated Energy Therapy) – 2005
  • Ordained Minister-Universal Life Church Monastery – 2005
  • Certified Teacher,  Guigen Medical Qigong, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine – 2005
  • Initiated Guide,  Spiritual Mystery School – 2007
  • Initiated Elemental Master,  Step I – 2007

If you would like to know more about my background and studies,  please read on!

I began with Emotional Cleansing Therapy,  studying under the watchful eye of Ellen Hutcheson,  where I was introduced to the knowledge that all emotion is held within the cells of the body. Understanding this concept is still the base I use to help clients grasp and integrate into their own body’s knowing so that they can heal themselves from the inside out.  I received certification and registration through the State of Maine as a Registered Counselor.  I renamed this modality Emotional Release Therapy.

Wearing many masks and being a chameleon helped me to understand that most everyone tries very hard to hide their true selves from the rest of society.  Emotional Release Therapy gave me that safe space and ample time with no restrictions so that I could take one or two masks off,  explore what was underneath and to be able to grow and heal from those situations.  Now I help you do the same.

A few years later I discovered a truth about myself that had been hidden for my entire life.  That was my connection to the higher realms of Light and Guidance.  When I began the study of Reiki,  it was like being given permission to access something that felt perfectly normal,  yet very few people knew about.  I was quite shy with my studies and certainly did not talk much about it because it seemed to be something I could not explain.  I used to say to myself,  “If I could only show people what I do instead of trying to tell them what I do,  I would feel much better.”  With time I grew confident and let go of thinking I had to please everyone else.  I had,  after all,  found something that I was naturally good at which let me know it was an integral part of my work here on this earth.  I am now a Karuna & Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher. I use Reiki every day of my life on myself and others and teach it several times throughout the year.

Shortly thereafter,  I studied to become a Shamanic Practitioner where I learned how to Journey,  perform Soul Retrievals,  Past Life Regressions,  and the Contract Room.  I especially like the contract room studies.  This is where a person can see the contract they wrote out for a specific subject in their life,  ie.,  relationships,  addictions,  etc.  I completely felt like I was “back home” when I was doing anything that had to do with Shamanism.

For the first time in my life I understood why being earth bound was so difficult for me.  When I was journeying in the upper,  middle and lower shamanic worlds it was so easy.  I did not have to have words in order to speak,  things would just happen and I would understand.  I would much rather be exploring other worlds than having to “do life.” This realization began my practice of figuring out how to be as happy here on earth as I am out journeying in other worlds.

The next modality I gravitated to was the angelic realm of IET,  Integrated Energy Therapy.  Here I discovered that I could still use my intuit abilities by connecting with the Angels and at the same time combine it with actual trigger points on the physical body that when pressed,  release trauma with a few simple words instead of the aggressiveness of Emotional Release Therapy.  I have learned that gentle release is just as powerful and continue to be amazed at how IET works.  I completed the program at the advanced level.

In 2005,  I completed my bachelor’s degree through Union Institute and University,  Vermont College with a concentration in psychology and expressive arts therapy.

In between these intense studies I took the trip across the big waters and went to Beijing,  China where I studied Guigen Qigong under the tutelage of Master Xu Hongtao and received my certification from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I highly recommend this experience,  it is life changing.  You get a totally different perspective of what the healing modality context is like in another country.  The Chinese use a “whole body root cause” approach instead of the “use a drug to get rid of the symptom” approach we have here in America.  I like the whole body approach too.

My next adventures came as a surprise because I resisted it for quite some time.  What I discovered though was that studying the Mystery School Traditions has been my greatest catapult in moving my life forward toward that place of alignment with my own soul.  The experience has absolutely raised my vibration level so that I am now easily manifesting more of my soul’s desires.  I am now an Initiated Guide with the Spiritual Mystery School based in Brigham City,  UT.


Through the last couple of decades,  I have compiled and studied ways of beingness,  things that have or have not worked for clients.  One of the first things I recognized,  which is very obvious yet not what most families want to hear,  is that one cannot change anything else about someone else.  The changes have to come from within,  period.  If a person is willing to work at releasing what is hidden in the subconscious mind,  then what is hidden will not hinder their way of living any longer. All of those fears we have conjured up in our heads begin to dissipate,  making way for new beginnings.  And this my friends is why clearing your subconscious mind and learning to love yourself first will bring you to that sacred space within your heart and soul where you know what you are here on this earth to do.  Live a life filled with Love and Joy. This is how it is meant to be for everyone and everyone can create it for themselves if they so desire.

Family &  favorite things to do when not coaching:

I am happily married to Byron Ouellette,  owner of Ouellette’s Tire Service right here in Mexico,  Maine,   USA.  Between the two of us we are proud parents of five grown children,   seven grandchildren and one Sheltie. We enjoy gardening,   spending time with our family and friends,  camping,  cooking,  crafting,  playing canasta,  reading and spending time talking with each other.

Love &  Joy,


Rhonda McCarthy Ouellette,  Soul Coach

Bringing You Closure,  Clarity &  Confidence

So that you can Live Your Life with a New Sense of Freedom,  Love  &  Joy!

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