Do you have an Ache inside that you feel will never go away?

Do you have Deep Burning Questions that have never been addressed?

Do you feel Fearful about something?

Are you SadAngryStuck or Numb?

Are you Searching for something, but don’t know what?

Are you holding onto a Secret that needs to be talked about?

Maybe you’re nodding your head yes to the above questions but you’re not sure how I can help.  Let me share this story with you and perhaps you will.

A client called because she felt weepy,  tears came to her for no apparent reason.  She was sad,  somewhat depressed and had a sense of loss but could not figure out why.  She knew not all things in her life were great,  but they weren’t that bad either.  She described to me that she felt different,  off,  something was not right,  but she could not name it.

I asked her to take a few deep breaths to help slow down her mind and body.   I brought her,  in her mind,  where she could sense herself in a safe space.  I helped take her back in time, until she was at an opening.  She saw herself as a little girl,  alone.  We follow the path;  see what she sees…nothing here,  a house there,  loneliness,  abandoned,  on and on until she ends up standing by a river where her best friend had died in a car accident over 30 years ago.

I kept asking questions of my client and I knew,  by her answers,  where to go next.

In “real time”,  her friend died when my client was a teenager;  however,  in the scenario of her subconscious mind,  she was seeing herself as a little girl.  This little girl image saw her friend trying to get out of the car that was upside down in the river.  He could not because the seat belt was trapping him.  (This was the cause of his death 30 years previous.)  I suggested that she,  as this little girl part of herself,  pretend that she had super powers and to find a knife so that she could cut that seat belt and then he would be free.  She did and he was able to get out of the car.

He came and stood beside her;  she transformed into the teenage self she was when he actually died. (The subconscious mind is very deep in its thought process and this is an example of how powerful it can be.  Because she went from the little girl self to the teenage girl self,  that is an indication that something in the subconscious mind healed,  it felt safer,  it was ready to take a look at what occurred.  It,  the subconscious mind,  had stored these memories so deep inside that the client was not aware of this in her conscious mind.)

By now the tears are pouring out and she is releasing a lot of pain.  I encouraged her to talk with her friend,  as though he were alive with her right then,  and she did.  He told her some things she needed to know and she was able to tell him all the things she never had the chance to tell him before he died.  CLOSURE is so very powerful!  It brings with it a sense of relief and CLARITY that had not been there before.

When it felt like she was nearing completion with her conversation with him she noticed there was a light in the distance.  She knew it was for him.  I told her to tell him it was ok to go to the light and he did.  She cried and cried and cried.  I held space for her emotions to pour forth and when it felt right,  like she was ok with bringing closure,  we did and then I slowly brought her back to full consciousness.

She said that she had carried that emotional pain for 30 YEARS! Thirty long years of pain that had pulled at her heart and rattled around inside of her brain.  Not knowing what that emotional pain was attached to solicited situations in her life that did not enhance her life.  What she could not put her finger on before the session,  healed when she was able to say what she needed to say during the session.

Closure came to this client when she was able to say what she never had a chance to.  She closed the gap between the pain of her past and what she wanted to be feeling,  which was to be in a happier state.  She felt lighter,  and she clearly understood why she reacted in certain ways when it came to certain people and situations.

Clarity came next as she realized how much this bottled up emotion had affected her life.  And with clarity she felt more Confident that her life was headed in a positive direction. Where there was sadness there became hope and a lifting of old baggage that did not serve her anymore.

That is what I call magical. There is nothing I love more than seeing a person transition their pain into clarity and ease.  I am sort of a midwife for women who have been emotionally,  mentally,  spiritually,  or physically injured.  Birthing your soul’s connection back to you and helping you to heal those deep internal wounds that keep you confused and sad.  I show you how to make yourself feel whole again.

I know it may be difficult for you to make the choice to step onto your healing path and I want you to know that the work we do together is an honor and sacred to me.  The work is also always at the speed and headed in the direction that you are able to go. I am a gentle,  yet powerful intuitive woman; one who can listen to your deepest secrets and allow you to purge whatever needs to come out. When you do,  you will feel the weight of the world lift off from your shoulders and you will be able to breathe deeply once again.

It is ok that you are not where you want to be,  you will get there.  You may discover that where you thought you wanted to go was not where you belong anyway.  Life does have that mystery to it,  always leading us,  but not always where we “think”  we need to be.  Perhaps once you have more understanding of why you are who you are and why the things that are happening to you are happening,  you will open to the most expansive view and understanding of your beautiful true self that you have ever had in this lifetime.

And that my Dear Friend will open doors to contentment and love for yourself and others.  This will be an experience like you have never had before.

Allow me to assist you.  I will hold your hand and show you the way to Bring Closure,  Clarity &  Confidence into Your Life so that You Can Live Your Life with a New Sense of Freedom,  Love and Joy.

Love & Joy,